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Semwal Diagnostic’s Colour Doppler Centre in Dehradun

“Health is wealth” there is no denying this saying. With the right health, you can go about your daily life with greater strength, vitality, and agility, maintaining your health is also a very necessary step. Taking the necessary tests is also very important to assess whether or not you are facing issues in your body internally. An ultrasound test can help your doctors a great deal in understanding the internal organs and if there is any flaw in the internal structural functioning of your body. Semwal Diagnostics, one of the leading ultrasound facilities offers you the best services. Colour Doppler Test is one such ultrasound test technique that helps doctors to estimate the blood flow in your veins and arteries.

What is a Colour Doppler test?

A Colour Doppler Ultrasound test is a non-invasive ultrasound technique. It gives the doctors a way to see what is going on inside your body without any injections or X-rays making it a no-pain procedure.

It is used to diagnose any irregularity in hemodynamics or in simpler terms it can detect the blood flow in major arteries and veins of various body parts such as the neck, arms, and legs while also detecting if there are any blockages in the same that can cause further harm. A Colour Doppler Test essentially turns sound waves into images so it helps in creating an image of the blood flow that cannot be created with the help of a regular ultrasound.

The colour Doppler test can be used to detect many health conditions such as

  • Heart valve defects
  • Blocked arteries
  • Decreased blood circulation in the legs can cause DVT( Deep Vein Thrombosis), which can further lead to clots in the lungs.
  • Blood clots
  • Blood Flow problems in your liver, kidney, or spleen.

Colour Doppler Ultrasound is also very beneficial during pregnancy. During pregnancies, the Colour Doppler Ultrasound is used to check the blood flow in unborn babies to determine the health of the fetus. It is imperative because any major concerning conditions in the fetus can be determined so that the gynaecologists can make the right decision at the right time. With Semwal Diagnostics Ultrasound Centre in Dehradunyou can easily now get access to get a colour Doppler test, handled by a team of well-trained professionals for the most accurate results 

Types of Colour Doppler Test:

The colour Doppler test is of many types which are mentioned below:

  1. Power Doppler:

Power Doppler shows the direction of the blood flow hence it provides more detail about the blood flow than the standard colour Doppler test.

  1. Colour Doppler:

Colour Doppler shows the speed and direction of the blood flow. The sound waves that are converted into the image on the computer screen are shown in different colours.

  1. Duplex Doppler:

The Duplex Doppler uses the standard ultrasound technique to turn the images of blood vessels and organs into graphs that are then displayed on the computer screen.

  1. Continuous Wave Doppler:

For blood flows of a faster speed, a continuous wave Doppler is used. This test involves simultaneous sending and receiving of sound waves which provide for greater accuracy.

  1. Spectral Doppler:

The spectral Doppler shows the blood flow image as graphs rather than coloured pictures which can provide clear information as to how much of the blood vessel is blocked.


The doctors may advise you to fast 6-12 hours before you take the Colour Doppler test if it is to be performed on your belly. This would mean that you cannot eat or drink before the test, although you can consume little amounts of water for the intake of medicines. For a Colour Doppler test of the leg, you don’t need to do a lot before the test.

Just keep in mind to wear loose comfortable clothes and remove all your jewelry at home as you will be asked to remove it before the test itself. With Semwal Diagnostics leading Colour Doppler Centre in Dehradun with a well-trained team to help you, be rest assured of a comfortable experience during your test and precision in your results.

Time Taken:

The doctor or technician trained in ultrasound imaging(Sonographer) will first apply the gel on the area to be tested. Then they would move a small handheld device called the transducer over the applied gel. The device will send sound waves into your body, the computer will take the sound waves and show live imagery on the screen.

 The test may take up to 30-60 minutes. The results are also quick to receive by the patient. Even if the technician might not be a doctor, still the image will be available right away for your doctor to review.

Safety of the Test:

This is a non-invasive test. The ultrasound expert applies a gel on the area to be checked. The doctor or technician moves the handheld transducer over the surface of the skin. The only inconvenience that the patient can feel is the cold gel sensation during the movement of the transducer on the skin. The patient will feel no pain of any sort during the colour Doppler test as no injections of any sort are used. In addition to this, no radiation is used during the test.

You don’t have to search far and wide to get a colour doppler test, with Semwal Diagnostics, the leading colour doppler centre in Dehradun, you can get yourself tested and maintain your health which is your one true wealth!

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