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OPG Dental X-ray machine - OPG Dental X-ray Centre in Dehradun

OPG Dental X-ray Centre in Dehradun

At Semwal Diagnostics, the OPG dental X-ray centre in Dehradun helps to examine and evaluate dental injuries and diseases clearly and accurately, which goes a long way towards maintaining quality standards, right from the quality of treatment offered to our patients to all other systems management protocols. An orthopantomogram, often known as a panoramic x-ray of the lower face, displays all of the teeth and supporting structures of the upper and lower jaws on a single film. All teeth, including those that have not yet erupted, are visible to the clinician in terms of number, position, and growth. It’s not the same as the little x-rays that dentists use to examine individual teeth. An OPG can also detect problems with the jawbones and the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), which connects the mandible to the head. An OPG may be recommended by your dentist for orthodontic treatment planning, wisdom tooth evaluation, or a general overview of the complete dentition and the bone that supports the teeth.


The following are the primary benefits of panoramic images and OPGs:

  • Teeth and facial bones, including the TMJ, are all included (temporo-mandibular joint).
  • A procedure that is both quick and efficient.
  • Examinability is simple.
  • The radiation dosage is low.
  • Patients with limited mouth openings may benefit from this device.
  • Patient education and case presentation are made easier using this tool.

How is OPG administered?

The patient should take off any jewelry, eyeglasses, belt, or other metal objects that could interfere with the readings. To stabilize the head, the patient is encouraged to stand with their face resting on a small shelf and bite lightly on a mouthpiece. It’s critical to remain completely still while the x-ray is being taken.

During an OPG X-ray, what equipment is used?

The OPG is taken using a specialized x-ray machine. During an OPG operation, a piece of equipment spins around the patient’s head while they stay upright or seated.


Exclusively for the Dental Department, RxDx has the most modern and state-of-the-art OPG machine. OPG images are created digitally and can be stored alongside your other x-rays in your file. Obtaining an OPG is a simple and convenient process for the patient. There is no discomfort at all. An OPG will only be recommended by your dentist if it is necessary for the diagnosis of your condition or for your treatment plan. It’s merely a diagnostic tool that your dentist can employ to ensure that you maintain and avoid unwanted dental problems.

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