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Sonomammography Centre in Dehradun

Everything about the Sonomammography Centre in Dehradun:  

When you look for the nearest sonomammography center, then of course Semwal diagnostic center will rank first as it provides the best services to its patients. But then what is sonomammography? What does sonomammography stand for? Sonomammography is the ultrasound of the breast. Ultrasound is used to detect any abnormalities in and around the breast area as well as to visualize the breast tissue. It allows you to examine the blood flow of the breasts and showcase its abnormalities.

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Sonomammography or mammography is usually used to gather information related to the condition of the breast. Whenever Sonomammography is executed, mammography is also done to get in-depth images of the mass or lumps. 

Sonomammography Centre in Dehradun

Sonomammography Centre in Dehradun: Importance of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Finding a Sonomammography center in Dehradun has become easy because of Semwal Diagnostic Center- the best radiologist in Dehradun. So while searching for Sonomammography near me in Dehradun, you will automatically get it as the top-rated center for any radiology tests. 

But do you know that the cases of breast cancer are rising day by day? In India, every four minutes breast cancer patients are diagnosed. Among all cancers, 14% are accountable for breast cancer. Not many women are aware of this disease as women tend to ignore their breast-related problem seeing it as a minor issue. 

The ignorance towards their weight and eating habits is causing a major effect on their health conditions. It has become quite a common problem among women above 50 years of age.  So it becomes necessary to screen and detect this cancer at an early stage or else it could cost your life. Once the cancer gets detected at an early stage it can be treated and stopped from spreading it further. Therefore, diagnosis helps to commence the treatment faster. 

Why is there a Need for Breast Cancer Screening?

Breast cancer screening is basically when a woman’s breast is checked for cancer without knowing any signs or symptoms related to it. The screening helps to find out whether you are suffering from breast cancer or not. 

Cancer survival in higher stages becomes highly impossible and mostly in India you will find women are screened or diagnosed in the later stage of 3 or 4. It lowers the chances of survival as the chance of living gets reduced. The earlier the diagnosis the more early treatment could commence. 

Because there is poor breast cancer screening and diagnosis and due to a lack of awareness regarding breast cancer the cases are increasing. They must know that women can self-diagnose their condition too when they feel any extra mass or lump-like situation near their breast. In this situation, they can approach doctors and ask for screening or diagnosis for confirmation. 

Advantages of Sonomamography over Traditional Mammography:

Sonomammography is way better than traditional mammography because it uses radiation whereas Sonomammography makes use of ultrasound waves to pass through your breast to detect cancer. However, detailed lumps or masses of the breast can be easily identified by the mammography test but not with ultrasound. 

Yet doctors make use of Sonomammography over traditional mammography tests because it is considered to be the most effective diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer in its earliest stage, unlike mammography. 

There are different types of breast cancer screening tests available such as Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Elastography, and PET Scan. You might have heard about the rest of the tests but not PET scans. A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is a scan done to detect whether the cancer has spread to the rest of the parts of the body. It is a type of radioactive tracer which is injected into the bloodstream through IV line to know the traces of breast cancer. 

The delay in screening or diagnosis can take a toll on your life, so better to avoid the later stage visit your near Sonomammography center in Dehradun. Well, if you are confused about why you should visit Semwal Diagnostic Center, how much sonography costs, or have any query related to Sonomammography charges, then you will surely get to know why.

Services Offered by Semwal Diagnostic Centre:

If your doctor asks you to perform a radiology test, for example, want to do an Ultrasound in Dehradun, Ultra Sonomammography, or else mammography test in Dehradun, then the best radiology center in Dehradun you will find is Semwal Diagnostic Center. 

In Semwal Diagnostic, there are various services offered including mammography, ultrasound, ECG, OPG, X-Ray, and CT Scan. The state-of-the-art technology and equipment used are of advanced technology. We make sure our patients are comfortable so we even provide pick-up and drop facilities.

At the same time, we give the best services at an affordable price and with professional care. So now when you go search for a Sonomammography test near me you know where to head. 


  1. What is Sonomammography for?

A Sonomammography test is done to examine the chances of breast cancer in women showing abnormalities in those areas. 

  1. How much does Sonomammography cost in India?

Depending on the region the cost of it varies. On average, the cost of Sonomammography can be between INR 1000 to INR 2000.

  1. Does Sonomammography detect cancer?

Yes, it is done to detect cancer among women. 

  1. What is the difference between mammography and Sonomammography?

The major difference between sono mammography and mammography is that Sonomammography makes use of ultrasound waves to detect breast cancer whereas radiations are used by mammography.

  1. How long does the Sonomammography test take?

It may take up to 30 minutes to diagnose your breast situation.

  1. Is Sonomammography safe?

Yes, it doesn’t emit any radiation so it is probably much safer than mammography. 

  1. How often should I get a breast cancer screening?

For women above 50 to 70 age it is recommended that they should get breast cancer screenings done after every two years. 

  1. What are the treatment options for breast cancer?

You can have surgery done to remove the cancer of the breast, or else chemotherapy, biological therapy, or radiation therapy.