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Elastography of the Liver

Hepatitis B, C, and fatty liver disease are just a few of the chronic liver illnesses that can cause tissue damage and scar tissue formation. As scar tissue accumulates, the liver loses part of its flexibility and stiffness.

At Semwal Diagnostics, the best diagnostic centre in Dehradun, a surface ultrasonic probe is used to deliver a low-frequency pulse or shear wave to a small volume of liver tissue under the rib cage during liver elastography. The transmission of sound waves is completely painless.

The FibroScan equipment, which was approved by the FDA for liver elastography measurements in patients with known chronic liver disease, notably chronic hepatitis C and fatty liver disease, is used by doctors.


The liver is located under the rib cage in the right upper abdomen. Patients are asked to lie flat on a table for examination. The FibroScan probe is placed between the ribs on the right side of the lower chest wall by a technician. The liver is then subjected to a series of ten painless pulses.The data is recorded by the equipment, and an overall liver stiffness score is calculated. A qualified physician interprets this score to predict the likelihood of advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis.

To increase the likelihood of obtaining reliable test results, patients are asked to wear loose clothing and refrain from consuming any liquids or solids for at least 3 hours prior to the test. Although the scan will only take 10 to 15 minutes, patients should plan to stay for at least 30 minutes to allow for preparation.


In patients with chronic liver disease, liver elastography procedures assist your doctor in determining the severity of hepatic fibrosis. The FibroScan, in particular, can help determine whether or not an HCV patient has advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis, which can aid in treatment decisions such as the need for oral antiviral therapy, liver cancer surveillance, and so on. Once a year, some clinicians conduct serial liver elastography measurements to see if the liver condition improves or worsens.

When handling individual patients, FibroScan test findings are always combined with additional clinical data, laboratory test results, and liver imaging.

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