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It is your professional Radiography Centre, and our mission is to deliver quality service in a convenient location. At our Centre, we achieve this by providing compassionate, high-tech services. Semwal Diagnostics has envisioned providing the best radiology and imaging Centre in Dehradun at an affordable cost with the Best radiologists in Dehradun. As a result, we established Semwal Diagnostics, a one-stop Centre for
CT Scans, Ultrasounds, OPG, Colour Doppler imaging, ECG, and digital X-rays.

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CT Scan in Dehradun

Introducing groundbreaking, Siemens Healthineers CT scanner which is known for decades as the innovation leader


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Ultrasound Icon

It is a safe painless way for your doctor to view your internal organs so how does it work and what do you need to know before your exams.

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opg dental x-ray icon

An OPG (Orthopantomagram) is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw.

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elastography icon

Liver elastography is a noninvasive method for diagnosing liver fibrosis that has been developed over the last decade in response to the limitations of liver biopsies, blood markers, and traditional imaging modalities. 

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CT Scan


Triple-phase CT liver Scan is just an extended technique or version for doing an examination on the liver to detect any anomaly. A technique mostly used to evaluate liver lesions which acquires images at 3 different time points, or phases, following the administration of a contrast.

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hrct thorax test in Dehradun


HRCT Test– High-resolution CT of the chest, commonly known as HRCT chest, is a CT method that uses thin-slice chest images that are then post-processed in a high-spatial-frequency reconstruction algorithm and obtains excellent lung detail that is useful for assessing diffuse interstitial lung disease.

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heart-attack checkup in Dehradun

In electrocardiogram is a tool used to visualise the electricity that flows through the heart. An ECG tracing specifically shows how the depolarization wave moves during each heartbeat

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Fetal Echo test in Dehradun

Fetal echo test– An ultrasound-like test helps doctors in understanding the heart of the unborn baby in the womb. assists in the detection of anomalies and diseases. 

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3D ultrasound Centre in Dehradun


3D ultrasound– A three-coil, electroanatomic mapping sensor acquires a 3D ultrasound image, producing considerably sharp, clearer images that allow your doctor to pinpoint any abnormalities inside your body.

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x-ray in Dehradun

X-ray– It is a standard imaging test that has been used for decades to assist clinicians in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of medical disorders. It is a simple yet extensively utilized method.

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CT Brain Scan Test in Dehradun

CT brain scan– A CT of the brain is a diagnostic imaging procedure that generates images of the brain using specific X-ray measurements.  helps in providing more information relating to injuries and/or disorders of the brain.

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Sonomammography Centre in Dehradun


Sonomammography, often known as breast ultrasonography, is a non-invasive method used to assess the health of the breasts and the blood flow in particular areas inside them. This test enables rapid visualization of breast tissue.

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To provide the highest quality and comfortable experience at diagnostic services with a fair cost, using ethical practices and a team of highly qualified and efficient professionals.


Our key value of excellence, reliability, punctuality, novelty, safety, correctness, and sincerity enables us to provide the “best advance care.” We adhere to the “Patients health and wellness first” attitude.


At Semwal Diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive range of radiology services, including CT Scans, Ultrasounds, OPG, Colour Doppler imaging, ECG, and digital X-rays, as well as added value services.

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    • Dr. Tushar is a very good, accurate diagnostician and has the latest equipment and facilities at his centre. I recommend getting radiological tests done at Semwal diagnostics.

      Dr. Darshan Parekh
    • Me and my family have consulted Dr. Tushar for many years now, and our full faith is in him. He’s very patient with us explaining the issues and helped us finding the treatment. Cannot thank him enough.

      Anil Digraskar
    • Dr Tushar is an experienced, highly skilled and a dedicated doctor.
      With latest high end machines and modalities under one roof his setup is working towards higher accuracy in diagnosis.
      It’s best in terms of safety and atmosphere looking at covid situation.

      Dr. Ankeeta Pande
    • I sincerely thank Dr. Tushar Semwal for his excellent medical service and care. He is a great doctor, a very kind person and unforgettable personality. I wish good health and very very long life so my doctor and the entire support staff.

      Niraj Gupta
    • Dr. Tushar is very compassionate and has good communication skills. Very happy to have been treated by him.

      Kiran Lalu
    • Dr. Tushar is very knowledgeable, and someone I trust wholeheartedly. His diagnosis is very reliable and the equipment and machines in his centre are the best of the best. Highly recommend Semwal Diagnostic Centre.

      Dr. Darshan Shah
    • I know Dr. Tushar since more than 10 years now and he surely is one the best doctor.
      His diagnostic centre is one of the best in town and trustworthy Ofcourse.
      I’d recommend Semwal Diagnostics to everyone ,as its very much reliable and loaded with the best of equipments.

      Dr. Aanchal Rana
    • Dr Tushar is one of most fine doctors and is extremely good at his work. Once ur at Semwal Diagnostics you can be rest assured your in the best Hands. They are extremely professional, maintain all hygiene and covid protocols and extremely good at their work. Will 100% recommend everyone to visit for all diagnostic purposes.

      Dr. Krutika Gaitonde
    • The doctor is really good and provides a good service. Great experience. I would recommend him to my friends and family

      Dhanashree Nalawade
    • I am so overwhelmed by the experience I had today with Dr. Tushar. We can find a good doctor at many places, but finding somebody so humane is very very rare. Great place..and even greater doctor

      Akhilesh Ghildiyal

    The Role of Advanced Technology in Radiology: What sets the Best Radiologists in Dehradun apart?

    Due to advanced technology, we have an edge over other diagnostic centers. Technology can automate procedures and tasks, freeing staff to concentrate on more crucial work. This leads to high productivity. This technology helps you to save money in a number of ways, from reducing travel costs to automating tasks that would otherwise need to be carried out manually. So it eventually reduced costs which makes it cost-effective. 

    Above all, when digital transformation is at risk how could radiology be left behind? Radiologists now make use of Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). It lies at the intersection of computer science and medicine. This type of digital radiography technology is intended to make it easier for medical professionals to make diagnostic decisions. 

    Radiologists need this information to analyze and assess patients, which is provided by diagnostic imaging techniques like X-ray, MRI, CT, and Ultrasound diagnostics. Radiologists typically have limited time to read images because of the urgency of learning the results. Isn’t it time-saving? Thus, it has drastically changed the face of radiology with the on-growing development setting it apart from regular radiology.  

    We have excelled in the delivery of medical diagnostics. The facilities were designed to improve performance parameters with faster turnaround time while maintaining an unwavering focus on cost-effectiveness.

    Semwal Diagnostics provides excellent diagnostic services to patients in a welcoming environment with enthusiastic staff and ethical service.

    The goal of Semwal Diagnostics, the Best Radiology and Imaging Centre in Dehradun, is to make you aware of our overall diagnostic treatments, our philosophy of providing the best and most accurate diagnosis, and our commitment to excellence.

    Tips for preparing for a radiology appointment with the best radiologist in Dehradun:-

    1. It is better to be ahead of time than to be delayed. Whenever you think of booking an appointment for any diagnosis please try to register 15 minutes prior to the exact time.
    2. Sometimes the Diagnostic Center notes down the insurance history, if at all you have any, to keep a track of your imaging study. Make sure you bring all the details such as a card or any documents regarding your insurance to verify it during the appointment. 
    3. If you have any allergies to contrast then it is better to inform your physician prior to the appointment so that he/she could give you premedications as it becomes their responsibility for giving prescriptions. 
    4. Likewise, if you are a diabetic patient then it is better to inform and ask your doctor regarding the intake of medications as it is advised not to take any medicines during any imaging examinations. Even after 48 hours, you are prohibited to take medicines as there are chances of issues cropping up. You must take a follow-up with your doctor so that he/she can guide you as to when to resume medications. 

    Thus, all these tips will surely help you to prepare for visiting a radiology appointment as it is always better to ask and confirm your doubts related to your medical history. So that you save your time and energy before your visit.

    Understanding the importance of certifications and experience in choosing the best radiologist in Dehradun:-

    Once a student passes his higher education, do you think that certification is a must? Obviously, who would like to go without certification because eventually professionals are paid according to their certifications and skills? As it serves as proof that you have upgraded your skills or enhanced them in your field. 

    So if you know the importance of certifications and experience it becomes easy to choose the Best Radiologist in Dehradun. Imagine being a Radiologist who has to undergo 6-7 years of medical education minimum. That all started with a bachelor’s degree in radiology just like any MBBS degree and continues with a master’s in the same field. However, there are certain fellowships or diplomas through which one could become a radiologist. 

    Thus, by the virtue of certifications, professional credibility is gained. People recognize your worthiness and it affects your time taken for accomplishments as it was at your fingertips. Thus, people are entrusted because of your achievements. In addition to that, if you gain any experience it adds the cherry on the cake. So here too, at Semwal Diagnostics Centre, Dr. Tushar Semwal with his immense knowledge and skills has achieved many awards and certifications which gives testimony to his hard work and dedication. 

    How to choose the best radiologist in Dehradun for your specific medical needs?

    1. Availability of the facility: Make sure while choosing a Radiologist you look for the availability of the facility that you are in need of. There are chances that some radiologists do not carry out specific tests, for instance, some do not practice CT scans or MRI maybe because of its maintenance cost or high pricing machines. So it is better to ask for the tests that you are looking for. 

    2. Ask for turnaround times: It is another factor that should be taken into account for considering the Best Radiologist in Dehradun as every patient wants his or her reports to be arriving as soon as possible. Turnaround time will help to decide whether they need to avail of any of the services as it conveys how much time is taken by the Diagnosis Centre to complete a process. 

    3. Check out the Image Quality: In radiology, accurate images are a must because then only the doctors could come to a proper conclusion. Quality images play a significant role in Imaging Centre as they are the main source for interpreting the data. So note it down to check that the images rolled out are accurate. 

    4. Time flexibility: At Semwal Diagnostics Centre, you will barely get a chance to complain about flexibility as we have both online and offline options available for you. You can directly avail of pick and drop service or contact us via our website and fill out the form for any services that you wanted to make avail of. Very few Centres try to give you that choice of schedule as per your demand. 

    5. Check out the environment: A top-notch radiology facility, like Semwal Diagnostics, has cutting-edge imaging technology and a relaxing environment. Choose a Centre that is tidy, orderly, and welcoming. Check out the employees to determine whether they are welcoming and helpful when you are inspecting the surroundings. A pleasant visit to the Radiologist can be achieved with helpful staff.

    Why does choosing the best radiologist in Dehradun matter for an accurate diagnosis?

    There are various benefits to choosing the Best Radiologist in Dehradun. For instance, if the Diagnostic Centre gives the freedom of choosing time as per the patient’s needs then it becomes easy for the patient to get the diagnosis done easily without any hindrance of their personal work that could have come as an obstacle. Another reason would be the environment, when the staff acts friendly then it is a sign that the process carried out in that particular diagnostic Centre is smooth and comfortable which helps to carry out the tests easily. 

    Thus, this shows that when the Best Radiologist is chosen by the patients it implies that they are wanting the best services without compromising the cost, environment ecosystem, and excellent professionals for accurate results.