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Semwal Diagnostics: A Prime Diagnostic Centre in Dehradun

Semwal Diagnostics: A Prime Diagnostic Centre in Dehradun

There is no doubt that “health is wealth.” Maintaining your health is also a very important step since it allows you to go about your everyday life with increased vigour, vitality, and agility. It’s also critical to do the essential tests to determine whether or not you’re dealing with internal concerns. Your body talks with you every day. It alerts you to any faults or issues that aren’t instantly evident. That is why it is always a good idea to see a doctor if you notice any unusual changes in your body that do not go away with time.

Your healthcare professional might suggest you go through some tests to fully assess your health and give you a better diagnosis. Semwal Diagnostics, regarded as the best diagnostic centre in Dehradun is here to provide you with its quality services and also give accurate results so that you can make the correct decisions about your health at the right time.

Types of Services Offered at Semwal Diagnostics

Semwal Diagnostics is Dehradun’s best radiology and imaging centre, offering world-class services like CT scans, ultrasounds, ECGs, X-rays, OPGs, and elastography. The facilities were designed to increase efficiency and decrease turnaround time while retaining a continual focus on cost-efficiency and outcomes accuracy. The details of the services are mentioned below:

  1. CT Scan

A CT scan, also known as a CAT scan, is a procedure that combines a series of X-ray pictures collected from various angles to generate a series of images that look like slices of bones and soft tissues within your body, including extremely minute structures like tiny blood veins. Regarded as the top CT Scan Centre in Dehradun you can be rest assured of a smooth process and complete accuracy of results with Semwal Diagnostics.

  1. Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to create images of organs, tissues, and other bodily components (also known as a sonogram). An ultrasound can also detect moving bodily parts like a beating heart or blood flowing via blood vessels. At Semwal Diagnostics, the top diagnostic centre in Dehradun you can get the following Ultrasound Tests done:

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound
  • Level 2 Scan
  • Color Doppler 
  • FNAC 
  • 5D Ultrasound Scan
  • USG
  1. OPG X-ray
    Dental radiographs are another name for dental X-rays. It’s a form of imaging of your teeth that your dentist uses to assess and inspect your oral health. It is the first and most important step in any dental therapy. Cavities, decay between teeth and fillings, periodontal disease, missing and cracked teeth, endodontic problems, gum disease, and various types of tumours can all be detected by dental X-rays. At Semwal Diagnostics, the finest OPG dental X-ray centre in Dehradun you can get a resolution for all your dental queries.
  2. Elastography

Elastography, commonly known as hepatic elastography, is a sort of imaging test used to detect fibrosis in the liver. Fibrosis is a disease in which blood flow to and within the liver is reduced. At Semwal Diagnostics, the top diagnostic centre in Dehradun, we have an FDA approved Fibroscan equipment for patients with established chronic liver disease, such as chronic hepatitis C and fatty liver disease, for liver elastography findings.

  1. ECG

An ECG is a harmless test that measures your heart’s electrical activity. It’s also known as an ECG (electrocardiogram) or EKG. An electrical signal passes from the top to the bottom of your heart to start each beating. Heart problems typically influence your heart’s electrical activity. Your doctor may prescribe an EKG if you have symptoms or indications that might indicate a cardiac issue. Visit the best ECG centre in Dehradun where various tests are performed to detect congenital heart diseases or heart abnormalities.

  1. X-ray

Clinicians use X-rays to diagnose and monitor a variety of medical disorders in a non-invasive manner. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic wave radiation that creates pictures of bones and other human tissues. Visit Semwal Diagnostics, a renowned X-ray Centre in Dehradun to get the benefit of accurate test results and economical X-rays test.

Why Choose Semwal Diagnostics?

Semwal Diagnostics, Dehradun’s premier diagnostic centre, is passionate about providing the best and most precise diagnosis possible. Because it focuses on the highest quality and most precise results, it is the first option for all patients. At Semwal Diagnostics, we provide the highest level of care and compassion to our patients, therefore contributing value to their diagnostic problems and society as a whole. The sole diagnostics centre in Dehradun is run by a highly qualified doctor and his team of specialists.

With our highly qualified team of specialists, high-end equipment, low rates, and an enthusiastic team of staff members, we retain our standing as the best radiologists in Dehradun. Our goal is to deliver the finest quality services while maintaining our core principles of excellence, which will enable us to provide the most advanced care for our patients.

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