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Best 5d Ultrasound Center in Dehradun | Semwal Diagnostics

Best 5d Ultrasound Center in Dehradun

Ultrasound is done to get internal information about your body in an imagery form. It is most commonly used for the pregnant ladies. Experience the best 5D ultrasound Center in Dehradun with Semwal Diagnostics.

        You’ve heard of 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D ultrasounds, these are the types of ultrasounds tests that are done with medical guidance. The ultrasound gets you the image and the live image of the heart, blood vessels, liver, bladder, kidneys, and female reproductive organs. is most commonly used for pregnant ladies. Even if the quality of these tests is good and fun to watch, they should be strictly done by the medical guidance or technician.

Ultrasound in Dehradun

People living in Dehradun have a golden ticket of visiting the best ultrasound center in Dehradun. Semwal diagnostics is a popular ultrasound center in Dehradun. Being patient #1 for the longest time we’ve gained the confidence of people by giving them quality services and results. All 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D ultrasound tests are available using hi-tech machinery, and utmost care is taken, because even if it is fun to watch it is somewhat risky.There will be many clinics providing the cheapest ultrasound in Dehradun but we at Semwal Diagnostics offer the test at affordable rates.

 Ultrasound & Sonography are the same  

          Ultrasound is a medical test that is done using sound waves to generate live images of your internal organs. Black & White images are formed by bouncing the baby in a pregnant lady’s case. You can also get motion pictures by using different probes. Ultrasound is also known as Sonography. That’s why sonography and ultrasound are the same. 

Ultrasound types – 

  • 2- D ultrasound: It is a flat black-and-white picture; which is the most classic form of the 2D scan. It is the most common and frequently used ultrasound type. It is mostly done in the early stages of pregnancy and also can be done at any point of time in pregnancy.
  • 3- D ultrasound: 3D scan is clearer than a 2D, it is high-definition pictures taken from all the places using slightly different probes.  Here you can get to see the body structure of your baby like the length and width, hands, legs, and facial features. In this scan, the sex of the baby is visible to you. 
  • 4- D ultrasound: 4D is as same as the 3D scan, just the difference being 4D gives you a motion picture. In which you can see your baby’s moving actions; like kicking, arm waving, and smiling maybe. People record these movements to cherish them in the long run. 

     Motion picture helps you to see if the baby is safe and sound there. Sometimes, the umbilical cord gets stuck around the neck of the baby and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. 

  • 5- D ultrasound: It is not very different from 3D and 4D scans, but the main difference is that it is processed through software that captures higher resolution images and gives the picture a flesh tone color to make the picture more lively. 

       There is nothing harmful found in doing the 5D ultrasound, but It should be performed by a trained technician or at the hospital/clinic. 5D Ultrasound is done in that case only, where the baby’s health is in danger or should look after. It can also be done to have fun and see our baby’s live picture. There is also a certain time and a time limit for doing the test. 

How often ultrasound can be done?

        If the woman is healthy and there are no complications in the pregnancy, then 2 ultrasounds are fine. One around 11-14 weeks and the second one around 18-20 weeks. The ultrasound waves and the heat can be dangerous for the baby. It may harm the baby in the long run. Hence, it is not proven somewhere that it is harmful but precautions are better than a cure. 

    If the baby’s health is good, then there is no need to do ultrasounds in the future. Doctors try to avoid the extreme use of ultrasounds. 

Best ultrasound center in Dehradun –

         We’ve been rewarded by our patients with the number #1 Diagnostics center in Dehradun. Are you searching for the best 5D ultrasound center in Dehradun? Then Semwal Diagnostics is the best fit for you. The doctors and the technicians are well-trained and experienced in this field. Ultrasound services and various other tests are done at Semwal Diagnostics, Dehradun. Affordable rates are charged for these tests. 

       A very thoughtful pick-up and drop service are also provided to those patients who can’t travel on their own. The clinic is open 24 hours in an emergency. An accurate diagnosis is available. 1000+ patients have been diagnosed so far. You can visit the site and book your appointment at the earliest.  

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