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can ultrasound detect cancer
In the battle against cancer, medical technology has made an incredible advancement. Among the diagnostic technologies available to clinicians, ultrasonography stands out as an effective one. But can ultrasound detect cancer? Let Semwal Diagnostics help you find an ultrasound used for cancer detection. First, what is ultrasound? Ultrasound, unlike X-rays and CT scans, creates images...
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Difference Between anamoly scan and fetal echo
During pregnancy, an expecting woman must undergo many screening procedures to safeguard the health and wealth of her fetus. The fetal echo scan and anomaly scan are two tests that assist physicians in determining whether or not the baby has any health issues. Let’s understand the difference between an anomaly scan and a fetal echo...
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Ct Brain Scan Anatomy
In today’s world of medical diagnostics, the CT brain stands as a crucial tool for healthcare professionals. It plays a pivotal role in providing insights into the intricate structure and functioning of the brain.  In this blog, we will explore the fascinating realm of CT brain scan anatomy, shielding light on the brain’s various regions,...
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How Many X-rays Are Safe in a Month
It is usually necessary for doctors to take X-rays to diagnose and confirm a few conditions but is it safe to do so? Let us decide how many X-rays are safe in a month and are x rays harmful. What are X-rays? X-rays are a type of diagnostic imaging scan that has been used for...
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how does liver works
The liver is often hailed as the body’s ultimate multitasker, and it’s crucial to understand how does liver works in maintaining our well-being. Nestled just below the ribcage on the right side, this remarkable organ orchestrates an intricate symphony of functions.  This blog will take you on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the...
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Improve Heart Health In 30 days
‘When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy’. As it is accurately stated, the human heart is the most essential organ of the body. A question arises every time in our peers – how to improve heart health in 30 days? Well, your heart acts like a pump that transports oxygen and nourishment...
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Colour Doppler Ultrasound in Pregnancy
Every expecting parent wants to be assured of the baby’s health during pregnancy. To test concerns and uncertainty of any anomaly in a growing fetus’s health can be resolved by the result of innovative and revolutionary technology. What once seemed unimaginable a few decades ago is now readily available in society. A Colour Doppler Ultrasound...
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does ecg detects heart attack
Are you someone who’s interested in medical diagnostic procedures or a medical health professional who wants to learn more about ecg and does ECG detect heart attack? In this blog article, we will look at how the ECG shows heart attacks and how it can save lives. Early Detection, Does ECG detect heart attacks and...
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Types of Scans
You might be wondering what are the types of scanning. Welcome to our blog, where we will be digging into the fascinating world of medical and advanced diagnostic imaging. We’ll look at several types of scans, their unique characteristics, and the many different applications of different types of scans they have in modern healthcare. Whether you’re...
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difference between hrct and ct chest
HRCT vs CT: Which imaging method should you opt for?  This blog seeks to offer a thorough explanation of the differences between HRCT and CT chest, emphasizing their unique features, benefits, and therapeutic uses. Here you can find answers to all of your questions concerning which imaging approach is best for you. You will also...
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