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What do you think, about how ECG is done for ladies?

How ECG is done for ladies?

 The ECG (electrocardiogram) is done to check heart problems. But many women have queries like, how ECG is done for ladies. But let us tell you something, the test is done similarly for both men and women. It is a painless test; where electrodes are attached to your body (on legs, hands, and chest). No electricity is used while doing the ECG Test. Extra care is taken because the test is related to the heart & it should be done correctly by a qualified person.  

        The test shows whether your heartbeats are normal or not. Also, it can predict any future problems. This test should be suggested by your doctor only. Let’s learn about how is an ECG performed on a woman.

How ECG is done for ladies?

How ECG is done?

  1.  First, you have to lie down on a recliner
  2. Where the electrodes will be attached to the body parts, on the hands, legs, stomach, and chest
  3. These electrodes are connected to the ECG machines through wires 
  4. You have to remain still when the machine is recording your heart’s electrical activity
  5. These digital recordings are then put out on paper, so your doctor can see
  6. The test is painless and can be conducted in a few minutes.  

How much does ECG cost in India?

The average price of a woman ECG test in India starts from 120 to 400 approx.

How often ECG should be done?

People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure or any heart problems should do an ECG test once a year. People who are above 40 should also follow the doctor’s guidelines and do an ECG once a year. 

How ECG is done for ladies?

  • ECG test for ladies is done in the same ways as for Men. 
  •  Ladies have to remove all the jewelry if they are wearing any.
  • If can’t remove all clothes, the gown or undergarments are allowed to wear during the test. 
  • It may hurt a little while removing the electrode patches from your skin or maybe can get some rashes. 

When ECG is done?

  • The test is done when symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath are seen in the human body. 
  • To get the exact idea of the heart problems (irregular heartbeats, high or low heartbeats)
  • To treat the following conditions:

     Cardiac arrhythmias  – Where the heart beats too slowly, too quickly, or irregularly.

     Coronary heart disease – Where the heart’s blood supply is blocked or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substances

     Heart- attacks – Where the supply of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked

     Cardiomyopathy – Where the heart walls become thickened or enlarged

How much does ECG cost in India

ECG center in Dehradun

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       Semwal Diagnostics is the number #1 ECG center in Dehradun. All the hi-tech machinery is used to get accurate results. The quality of our services has gained the confidence of the public. Extra care is taken for the patient while conducting the tests. The pick-up & drop service is also provided to patients who can’t travel on their own. All the tests are done at affordable prices and within a short time.   

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