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Colour Doppler Ultrasound In Pregnancy: Why Is It Done?

Every expecting parent wants to be assured of the baby’s health during pregnancy.

To test concerns and uncertainty of any anomaly in a growing fetus’s health can be resolved by the result of innovative and revolutionary technology. What once seemed unimaginable a few decades ago is now readily available in society. A Colour Doppler Ultrasound in pregnancy is used to test for any birth defects in the fetus.

Let us learn more about the color Doppler test in pregnancy and in which month of pregnancy a color Doppler ultrasound is performed.

What Is Colour Doppler Test In Pregnancy?

Color Doppler test in pregnancy is a common imaging test that’s given to pregnant women during their pregnancy. 
A color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy examines blood flow and fetal development in the womb in addition to measuring the baby’s heart rate. A color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy is used in the diagnosis of certain fetal birth defects and structural abnormalities. Color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy price falls between 2,000 to 4,000 INR in India.

How Is Color Doppler Ultrasound In Pregnancy Beneficial In Today’s Time?

Every expecting mother wants to be sure that their baby is sound and healthy. Thanks to recent and innovative technology, every mother can be tension-free, and all of their worries could be tested via this revolutionary technology.

Color Doppler sonography in pregnancy is a useful instrument used at various stages of pregnancy to evaluate fetal well-being and measure blood flow in the maternal-fetal unit.

Let us know some of the benefits of the colour Doppler Ultrasound in pregnancy-

1.  Premature birth possibilities and associated hazards

Could be detected by color sonography in pregnancy and helps in coming ahead with an intervention and precaution for the possibility. 

2. Significant fetal abnormalities 

It occurs particularly in multiple pregnancies and is detected and tested by this ultrasound. 

3.  High blood pressure risks in mothers

Potentially can cause harm to the baby, and to avoid this, one should get a color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy to ensure for certain scenarios and on a preventive basis.

4.  Any sort of abnormal blood flow assessment 

A fetus in the womb may have insufficient blood flow, which, if not diagnosed in time, might damage its health and growth. or, in the worst-case scenario, the fetus’s death.

Is the Color Doppler Test In Pregnancy Safe?

Yes, when conducted by competent and experienced healthcare professionals, Color sonography in pregnancy is usually regarded as safe. 
Because it is a non-invasive imaging technology that does not employ ionizing radiation, it is a popular alternative for monitoring blood flow and fetal well-being throughout pregnancy.

In Which Month Of Pregnancy Colour Doppler Ultrasound Recommended?

The scheduling of the Colour Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy will depend on the individual’s medical needs as well as any unique concerns or risk factors detected throughout the pregnancy as well as in the fetus. 
It is frequently done as part of standard prenatal care or when specific medical issues necessitate further monitoring. Generally, a color Doppler ultrasound in the 8th month of pregnancy is performed.


The decision about whether or not to do a Colour Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy and the scheduling of the procedure is ultimately chosen by the healthcare professional depending on the pregnant woman’s particular requirements and medical history.

If you have any questions or concerns concerning Colour Doppler ultrasonography throughout your pregnancy, you should talk to your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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