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Difference between Anomaly Scan and Fetal Echo Test: Which Does What?

During pregnancy, an expecting woman must undergo many screening procedures to safeguard the health and wealth of her fetus. The fetal echo scan and anomaly scan are two tests that assist physicians in determining whether or not the baby has any health issues. Let’s understand the difference between an anomaly scan and a fetal echo test.

What is a scan? 

A scan is a visual depiction in the form of images of structures within your body such as bones, the skull, the heart, and so on. There are several sorts of scans used for various purposes, including CT scans, anomaly and fetal echo scans, HRCT scans, and so on, for various causes, concerns, and tests.

What are some tests used to check anomalies for the fetus inside the womb?

There are various test screenings used to check or confirm any concerns for the fetus. There are two main famous tests for this which are known as fetal echo scan and anomaly test for the fetus. These are done and performed to ensure any anomalies or abnormalities in a developing fetus. Fetal Echo Scan and Anomaly Scan are two distinct prenatal diagnostic procedures that serve different purposes in monitoring the health and development of a fetus during pregnancy. First, let’s talk about fetal echo scans in detail and then move on to anomaly scans.

What is a Fetal echo test?

A Fetal echo Scan report is a type of standardized testing imaging procedure used to confirm any corners regarding the health of the fetus inside the mother’s body. It is also known as fetal echocardiography and is specifically focused on assessing the development and function of the fetal heart.

Purpose-   Its primary purpose is to detect and diagnose congenital heart defects or abnormalities in the fetal heart. A fetal echo can provide valuable information to expectant parents, allowing them to make informed decisions about the pregnancy and birth. It can help parents understand the nature and severity of any heart abnormalities and what to expect after the baby is born.

Price and time-   A fetal echo test at 22 weeks is usually suggested by the doctors if they feel there could be any threat to the baby’s heart or heartbeat or if they want to be certain of any conditions. The timing of the fetal echo can vary depending on several factors, including the specific medical indications, and the healthcare provider’s recommendations.

Main focus-  The main objective of this scan is to determine the baby’s blood flow patterns and to see if the baby’s heartbeat is normal. All of these elements add up to the significance of the normal echo scan report. 

Advisory reason-   A fetal echo test is often suggested by a general physician or a health care adviser if the family has a history of heart disease, if the mother has a condition or illness, or if the mother is on any drugs or medications. 

What is an anomaly scan?

An anomaly scan is another imaging testing method that aims to check the overall health and physical development of the fetus. It is also referred to as a level II ultrasound for the fetus. 

Purpose-   This imaging method is also a famous scan report testing to detect structural abnormalities or birth defects in various parts of the fetus’s body, including the head, brain, spine, limbs, abdomen, and genitalia. The scan provides important information about the baby’s growth, size, and position within the uterus. It helps ensure that the baby is developing within the expected parameters for gestational age.

Price and time-   An anomaly scan is usually performed between 19 to 22 weeks of pregnancy by the mother. Because many of the fetal features and organs are well-developed and can be visualized with better clarity during this stage, this timing provides for a full examination of the growing fetus’s anatomy. An anomaly test price in India ranges between 2,000 to 3,500 INR respectively. 

Main focus-    The Anomaly Scan evaluates fetal structures such as the brain, spine, heart, kidneys, liver, limbs, and more. Its goal is to detect abnormalities or irregularities in any of these areas.

Advisory reasons-    This test is advised by doctors if they feel the fetus could be at risk of restricted growth by any chance. If the fetus is not growing under expected parameters there is a chance of malfunction in the process of development. 

The difference between an anomaly scan and a fetal echo test was discussed above; both are professionally designed to assess a baby’s well-being and health under certain situations and circumstances. These are both imaging techniques used to identify any concerns raised by physicians or parents and to eradicate any of them, These scans are conducted on the woman under advised conditions.

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1. Are fetal echo and anomaly scans the same?

No, both scans are different and used under different conditions and purposes. 

2. What is the difference between an echo scan and an anomaly scan?

An echo test is used to check and detect any defects in the baby’s heart during pregnancy whereas an anomaly test is used to identify if there is any malfunction in the baby’s overall development. 

3. Is anomaly scan safe for babies?

Yes, an anomaly scan is safe for both the mother and the baby as it is free of any radiation exposure. It is a safe routine checkup test used by parents and doctors for years. 

4. Why is fetal echo done during pregnancy?

 A fetal echo test is usually performed to detect any heart defects in a developing fetus.  It is generally advised by doctors if the family has any history of heart disease or if the mother is on certain drugs and medications.

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