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ECG Test For Pregnant Ladies
During her pregnancy, a pregnant woman goes through several changes, most of which are related to cardiovascular difficulties. Some of the difficulties and concerns can be detected with electrocardiography as early as the first trimester. ECG test for pregnant ladies is used to determine whether the pregnancy is normal or has any anomalies. Let’s learn...
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Ct scan for abdomen and pelvis
 CT Scan for Abdomen and Pelvis | Semwal Diagnostics You must have heard about CT Scan? Doctors often suggest CT Scan for abdomen and pelvis region when they are unable to detect the cause of pain through their naked eyes. So with the help of the diagnosis, they come to a particular conclusion.  The procedure...
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How ECG is done for ladies
How ECG is done for ladies?  The ECG (electrocardiogram) is done to check heart problems. But many women have queries like, how ECG is done for ladies. But let us tell you something, the test is done similarly for both men and women. It is a painless test; where electrodes are attached to your body...
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