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Difference between Digital X-ray and Traditional X-ray 

Know the Difference between Digital X-rays and Traditional X-rays 

Digital transformation has propelled even healthcare to make avail of Digital X-rays. Digitization in almost every field has made no leaf unturned. Now even doctors and hospitals have become tech-savvy with the convergence of technology. Everyone is adapting to the new normal of practicing Digital X-Ray. 

It has turned the table in such a way that it has replaced the traditional X-ray in no time for radiologists to make avail. But then what exactly is this x-ray, how does it function, and how is it better than the traditional one? All these questions will be answered here in this article.

Digital X-ray

Radiography with X-ray is the initiation for diagnosing any kind of disease. Through the X-ray technique, the doctors can clearly withstand their doubts with proof regarding any claim made by them. It is a method listed under the domain of digital radiography. X-ray technology can be seen in any medical community because of its low cost. X-rays are noninvasive and totally harmless due to which there is no need to worry and images are effortlessly made viable to diagnose issues effectively.  

When an x-ray or any radiography is done using digital sensors instead of photographic film then it is called a digital x-ray or digital radiography. Photographic films are used for a traditional x-ray which is replaced by digital sensors through which the digital x-ray image is generated that is quickly transferred into digital data within seconds enabling fast and instant review in no time. Through digital X-ray technology, one can perform a digital X-ray chest and many more tests in less time.   

What does a digital X-ray involve?

The only difference between the digital X-ray and traditional X-ray is the technology used to practice it, the rest of the process is the same. When radiations are passed through the body an image is formed from the places where the radiations have passed from the various organs which let the radiologist form an image with the help of digital sensors and not photographic film. 

Digital X-ray sensors usually come in the form of active matrix flat panels made up of a detection layer over an active matrix array of thin film transistors and photodiodes. With the use of these sensors, the image is automatically converted into digital form in real time that might have been consumed by the photographic film if done by the traditional method. Through this, it saves time not just for the patients in the queue but also for the doctors who are examining the patient and allows the result to be viewed quickly directly on the computer. 

What is the difference between a digital X-ray and a normal X-ray?

There is a slight difference between Digital x-ray vs normal X-ray.

Since the 1900s, Traditional x-rays have been in existence making use of photographic films to capture images of the body’s internal structures. With the introduction of computer technology, digital radiography has become much more appropriate for use due to cost-effectiveness and safety measures. So if there is a safer method to produce images why make it more time-consuming? 

Another factor that distinguishes digital X-rays from traditional X-rays is that you might have known the side effects of more exposure to radiation could cause harm to your body. But when digital X-rays are done it produces 80% fewer radiations. It simply means that there are very less chances of getting affected by any disease that was higher in regular X-rays. 

Another major factor in Digital x-rays vs Traditional x-rays is that it is cost-effective and one does not require a digital camera compulsorily as even the phone’s camera is sufficient to carry out this task. Also, there is no need to keep track of how many pictures you click as it is all already stored in the device storage space is not the issue. Once the image is stored it is transferred to a hard drive. And then, it is easily retrievable and has no tension of image degradation as it is saved digitally which seems impossible for a traditional X-ray as after a certain period of time the images get lost or the quality gets distorted. 

So if you want to have an accurate result to be known by the doctor it becomes essential that the images which are produced are high in quality. Plus not only time-saving but also gives an opportunity to easily resize the part of an image that is difficult to see by zooming in without altering or manipulating the image. 

Why is Digital X-ray Better?

Digital X-rays have an edge over other radiography techniques such as:

  • Clarity: Thanks to the extremely high-quality images that it can create, a doctor or dentist can see the scanned area of the body in minute detail.
  • Real-Time Enhancement – Because the images can be produced right away, the doctor is able to change the exposure in real-time, brightening or darkening the images to better see certain scan details. 
  • Rapidity: The outcomes are immediately available for review.
  • Reduces Radiation Exposure: It not only produces high-definition images quickly, but they also do so with lower radiation doses than traditional X-rays, which is better for the patient.
  • Efficiency: It saves a great deal of time and effort compared to traditional X-rays because they don’t require as much radiation and don’t require the creation, filing, or retrieval of traditional X-ray results. Instead, digital results are accessible with just a mouse click.
  • Chemical Usage: Prevents the development of film using chemicals.

Subsequently, benefits include the ability to transfer and enhance images digitally and time efficiency by avoiding chemical processing.

Are Digital X-rays less expensive?

Back in the time when photographic film was used to produce X-rays, they were very expensive. If at all, you or your relatives would have purchased a film camera during Kotak film it was pretty costlier to purchase and even to manufacture it. To possess a camera was considered a family status back then as it was owned by only high-class people. It was considered as a luxurious item possessed by the creamy layer of society. So now you must have got the idea that traditional x rays are expensive due to the films used while digital X-rays do not make use of any kind of film. This makes the Digital x-ray cost very less in comparison to the traditional one. Digital X-rays are cost-effective.  

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