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All About First Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Excited to know about the First Ultrasound During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy in India is treated as the second birth of a woman. Mothers-to-be eagerly await their first ultrasound during pregnancy as they just can’t stop thinking about their child. While some people think that we can have an ultrasound scan during pregnancy or is it unsafe for the unborn child as the radiation may cause harm to the life. 

There are so many queries but so less known. So to eliminate all your doubts and for better understanding, we have got all the information covered in this blog regarding the first ultrasound during pregnancy.

  • Role of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Even before the child is born, so many changes are taken into consideration for their birth. Prenatal tests are offered to most pregnant women which are known as ultrasounds or sonograms. With the help of sound waves, a picture of the baby is shown in the uterus. For understanding the growth and development of a baby ultrasound is utilized. 

There are various reasons for carrying out an ultrasound test:

  • Identifying the number of bags you are carrying 
  • Observing the development and growth of your infant
  • Displaying the genitalia of your child
  • A guide for an amniocentesis
  • Assisting in determining your due date
  • Measuring the size of your infant
  • Measurement of amniotic fluid
  • Searching for congenital abnormalities

Consequently, by ultrasound, you are able to see the first image of your baby which is so exciting to see. Also, you get to know the position of your baby with the help of an ultrasound. The movements are captured by the radiologists and you can also ask him or her to detect the gender if at all you want to know. During the second trimester at 18 to 20 weeks, most women get their ultrasound done. Also, there are some women who also do their early pregnancy ultrasound 2 weeks pregnant. The timing and how many times an ultrasound should be done depends on the health condition of the pregnant woman.

Now that you are aware of the role of the ultrasound during pregnancy. Let us know the list of scans during pregnancy that one should perform. 

  • List of Scans During Pregnancy

1. Dating Scan

Between 8 and 14 weeks into your pregnancy, you will have your first ultrasound scan to determine when your baby is due. Your baby’s measurements will be examined by the sonographer to determine an anticipated delivery date. This scan will be used to determine whether the baby is developing normally, whether there are multiples, and how far along your baby is.

2. Gender Scan

You can use an ultrasound scan to determine the gender of your unborn child starting around week 14 of pregnancy. This is typically presented to you during your 20-week scan, but if you must know sooner, you can schedule an extra appointment. Remember that gender scans are not always accurate and depend on a number of factors on the specific day when making your appointment.

3. First Ultrasound during pregnancy (First-trimester ultrasounds)

People often wonder when to do the first ultrasound scan during pregnancy. First-trimester ultrasounds are not always given to pregnant women, but they are occasionally used by medical professionals to assess viability, date the pregnancy, or rule out any potential complications.

As early as six to eight weeks into your pregnancy, a fetal ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, may take place. Some medical professionals use ultrasounds in addition to pregnancy tests to determine whether a patient is pregnant.

The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) states that early pregnancy ultrasounds can confirm viability, analyze whether multiples share a placenta and amniotic sac, determine the gestational age and count the number of embryos. 

It is not viable for most of the scans. ISUOG states that regular checkup is not needed unless a medical emergency is sought in the first ultrasound during pregnancy. For instance, the first ultrasound during pregnancy could be possible when the woman is going through any medical conditions like bleeding, abdominal pain, miscarriage or amniotic pregnancy, etc. 

In the first ultrasound during pregnancy, ultrasound is usually done transvaginally, which provides the most precise picture of your uterus and embryo at this premature stage. In this situation, the medical professional will insert a thin, wand-like transducer probe into your vagina to transmit high-frequency sound waves through your uterus. In order to create a black-and-white image of your uterus, a machine converts the sound waves’ reflections off the fetus into signals that are then sent back to it.

Although the heart’s structures cannot be seen at six weeks’ gestation, the electrical impulses of the developing heart can be seen.

4. The Mid-Pregnancy Scan

The “anomaly scan,” also known as the mid-pregnancy scan, is performed between weeks 18 and 20 of pregnancy. The sonographer examines the baby during this scan to look for structural and developmental anomalies. A specialized midwife may offer you testing for hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV during this scan appointment.

5. Third-Trimester Scans

Your midwife may occasionally advise a third-trimester scan based on the findings of earlier tests, prior complications, or pre-existing medical conditions. After 20 weeks, you probably won’t require another scan if everything is going well with your pregnancy. You can ask for additional scans for general assurance even if you are not required to be referred.

A growth scan during the third trimester can be used to determine whether your baby is developing normally. Other third-trimester scans can be used to determine the placenta’s activity, track your baby’s heartbeat, and determine your baby’s position. 

6. Transabdominal ultrasound 

Water and sound waves communicate very well. You must drink a lot of water before the test because the sonographer uses your full bladder as a “porthole” to your uterus. You recline on a bed or examination table. Images are instantly transmitted to a nearby monitor. Sometimes the sonographer will need to push quite hard to see the deeper structures. About 30 minutes are typically needed for the scan.

7. Vaginal ultrasound

A transabdominal ultrasound may not always be able to provide images that are clear enough. For instance, the air is a poor conductor of sound waves and may be present in excess in your bowel. These procedures involve inserting a thin scanner into your vagina. Typically, the scan lasts for about 30 minutes.

Now you must be wondering among all this list of scans during pregnancy which one is the most important ultrasound during pregnancy? Well, mostly the transabdominal and vaginal ultrasound is important as well as recommended by the doctors. 

Then the following question would be, is it safe to have an ultrasound every week? It is highly advised that unless and until it is a medical necessity it’s better to avoid regular ultrasounds. Do ultrasounds when it is required or told by the pregnancy care providers. 

  • What can I expect following a pregnancy ultrasound?

After the abdominal scan is done, the gel is wiped off by the sonographer. And then the images of your baby would be handed over to you so that you can cherish your first ultrasound during pregnancy whereas in certain cases the sonographer does not speak about the results to the family and tends to give out information as and when the tests go along. While if the results are with the obstetrician then after looking at the images there are chances that in your next appointment, he might reveal the details. 

  • Ultrasound Scan Pregnancy Price

Coming to the interesting part where everyone looks for a pregnancy ultrasound near me with the price. The cost of ultrasound may vary according to the locale like in Mumbai it is between 600 to 3500 INR  but if you are in Dehradun it may cost you around 750 to 4500 depending on the scan. However, we assure you to advise the best place for an ultrasound scan.  

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Now that you got to know all the details regarding the first ultrasound during pregnancy, the big question that arose was where should you get the best ultrasound done that too in the budget in Dehradun. No worries, we told you the solution for that too. 

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