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Dr. Tushar Semwal: a saving grace

Dr. Tushar Semwal: a saving grace

Dr Tushar Semwal Best Radiologist in Dehradun

Doctors are said to be life saviours. They are considered an integral component of our society. In cases of a medical emergency, it is a doctor who is most helpful for medical aid and assistance. A doctor who makes sacrifices and is always present for his/ her patients in their time of need is a true doctor. And it is very rarely found that a doctor would put himself first in order to serve patients who are affected. One such rare incident is that of Dr. Tushar Semwal who fulfilled his call of duty in a tough situation that is during the Kedarnath tragedy in 2013.


Dr. Tushar Jaiprakash Semwal holds a degree from the Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences. In May 2012, he was awarded an MBBS degree and a year of rotating internship at Pravara Rural University, Loni (M.H). In August 2017, he obtained his Doctor of Medicine in interventional radio diagnosis from the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Rama University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Apart from his educational qualifications, he also has excellent professional experience.

Professional experience

In 2013, he was a junior resident at Saifee Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, and Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. It was in October 2017, when he started off as a senior resident at the Himalayan Hospital in Dehradun till March 2018. Since November 2019, he has functioned as a radiologist professional at the Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences in Dehradun. From March to November 2019, he worked as a radiologist advisor at the Thackeray Municipal Hospital, Mumbai. From January to November, he worked as an advisor in the field of radiology at Suburban Diagnostics in Mumbai. He is also known to have worked at the Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai.

He has a poster presentation entitled “Osteochondroma at the Ramus of the Mandible: A Rare Case” and a publication entitled “Diagnostic Accuracy in Elastosonography in Characterizing Thyroid Nodules”.


In March 2015, at the IRIA Uttarakhand chapter’s 7th Annual conference, he came to be known as a well-known and wonderful speaker. The 8th annual conference of the IRIA Uttarakhand chapter was organized in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. In March 2016, he put up a poster and a paper presentation which took place in Jim Corbett National Park in Manipal, Uttarakhand. In March 2017, a talk event by Dr Semwal was conducted at the IRIA Uttarakhand Chapter 9th annual conference in Jollygrant Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Awards and honors

In 2012, he worked as a national officer for the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA). In the same year, he was a vital part of the hosting committee for the IFMSA Conference which was conducted at the Renaissance Convention Center in Mumbai. At the Asian Medical Student Association in Singapore, he represented India. He was awarded for his efforts and contribution during the Uttarakhand floods by the government of Uttarakhand, the Indian Medical Association, and Medecin Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). He was also named to the Standing Committee of the International Federation of Medical Students. He also represented India at the IFMSA Conference in Baltimore, Washington D.C. He was declared the Vice-President of the Medical Students Association of India (MSAI).

One of his recognized contributions is that of his effort and assistance during the Kedarnath tragedy in 2013. Dr. Tushar Semwal was responsible and the only doctor to have provided assistance to pilgrims who were stuck at the Gaurikund. During such difficult times, he also took charge of staying back with one of the families till the team of doctors arrived from Dehradun on 21st June 2013. He was assisted by his elder brother and a local pharmacist. He selflessly helped people who were needy and deprived of basic facilities. This is what makes him unique as a medical professional. He has gained popularity among many due to his qualities and the fact that he is a reliable and helpful doctor. It is due to his noble and charitable contributions that he is regarded as one of the best radiologists in Dehradun.

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