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Reasons why you might need a CT Scan?


Whenever one experiences a serious injury or sickness , then they may have to get some tests done. But before the tests, their symptoms are analyzed and a doctor is usually consulted. However, at times only medicines might not work and there could be a possibility of something more critical. In such cases, the doctor may advise patients to opt for different tests such as an MRI Scan, CT Scan, X Ray etc. 

At Semwal Diagnostics, one can avail of CT scan services due to its advanced procedure room and high-tech equipment, it is now considered one of the best CT scan centers in Dehradun

One of the principal purposes of getting a CT scan done is when a doctor wants to acquire a clearer understanding of the different parts of your body internally. 

A CT scan is an extensively used imaging test that can be utilized for various reasons, such as to determine and cure issues such as stomach problems, head injuries and cancer. 

A Computerized Tomography (CT) scan is a kind of scan imaging test. A CT scan is a quick and convenient method for the doctor to see the bones, muscles, organs and other internal structures of the body. It is also frequently used to evaluate, treat and supervise a number of health conditions. 

CT Scans at Semwal Diagnostics are widely recognized due to the advanced technology and the medical assistance provided during the CT scan procedure. 

Some reasons why a doctor may ask for a CT Scan : 

  1. To analyse blood vessel problems 

Stroke, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and carotid artery disease (CAD) entail some critical vascular illnesses. Through the CT scan, the doctor can see one’s blood vessels. The doctor can also look for issues such as blockages that can lead to these diseases and other tragic situations. In comparison to surgery or biopsy, a CT scan is non-invasive and a much safer approach in order to diagnose a blood vessel condition. 

  1. To examine abdominal problems 

A CT scan offers a clear and transparent view of one’s digestive and reproductive organs which can aid the doctor to analyse problems associated with the abdomen such as kidney stones, tumours or blockage of the intestines. A CT scan can also determine infections and bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and pancreatitis depict other crucial conditions that can be detected with a CT scan. In case, the doctor is having a hard time identifying the condition then the CT scan procedure can substitute many other tests required to analyse a particular problem. 

In order to detect colon cancer, CT Scans are useful. Those doctors who are able to do a virtual colonoscopy normally use a CT scan to trace indications of colon disease and colon cancer. 

  1. To detect the exact spot of a tumour. 

The doctor may be aware of the general spot of a tumour but with the help of a CT scan a more precise view of the spot can be identified which is beneficial for surgery as it can prevent the surgeon from creating larger or numerous incisions to detect and extract the tumour. The doctors can see and acquire a clearer understanding of the tissue that surrounds the tumour which can show whether the tumour or cancer is proliferating to other parts of the body. If a tumour is present, then the doctors can use the images of the CT scan to eliminate the tumour. 

  1. To assess small bones 

A CT scan can generate a series of cross-sectional images or segments of the bones that can help the doctor closely analyze small bones or injuries which affect small bones in the hands, feet and spine. At times, injuries in small bones are not quite visible with other imaging procedures. It is also possible to measure bone density to examine and keep track of specific bone conditions. 

  1. To assess a head or brain injury

The doctors may insist on a CT scan in order to assess, analyze and treat a head or brain wound. A CT scan provides thorough images of the brain that can help them to find out if there are any tumours, bleeding, blood clots, infections, fractures and many other concerns. A CT scan may be required if one is going through strange headaches or dizziness. A CT scan may also be needed if one has recently experienced a stroke or blow to the head. 

  1. To find out the root cause of the chronic pain 

Chronic pain especially in the back or spine can emerge from many different places. At times, a fracture or problem in another part of the body may be resulting in chronic back pain. With the help of a CT scan, the doctor can discover the fundamental cause so that it can be efficiently treated. A clear visual of the spinal cord and vertebrae can be obtained while the doctor is conducting the scan. This can help in exactly discovering fractures, herniated disks or scoliosis. The doctor can take a look at one’s spine before and after the surgery through this imaging  process 

Hence, CT scans can serve many purposes in terms of understanding the root cause of the problem. However, one must always seek medical advice and discuss it with a professional before opting for a CT scan. 

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