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Know All About the Dr. Tushar Semwal – Best Radiologist in Dehradun

Dr. Tushar Semwal Best Radiologist in Dehradun

Your health is one of the most important assets that are in your possession and taking proper care of it is one of your primary responsibilities. Going to visit your healthcare professional at regular intervals is imperative in order to maintain good health. Many times your doctor might prescribe you get some tests done in order to get a better picture of your body and health. Thus finding a place that provides accurate results also becomes necessary.

The Diagnostic Centre where you go to get these done should thus be chosen very carefully as important health decisions depend on it. You can easily tell about the quality of services of the Diagnostic Centre by the quality of the doctors and the services provided by them.

Best Radiology & Diagnostic Centre in Dehradun
Diagnostic Centre in Dehradun

Dr. Tushar Jaiprakash Semwal is a MBBS, MD (Radio Diagnosis). Regarded as the Best Radiologist in Dehradun he started Semwal Diagnostics to deliver the greatest quality and most comfortable diagnostic services at a reasonable cost while adhering to ethical principles and using a team of highly experienced and efficient specialists. Semwal Diagnostic is a one-stop shop for a comprehensive variety of radiological services, including CT scans, ultrasounds, OPG, Color Doppler imaging, ECG, digital X-rays, etc. 

Educational Background

Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences awarded him his medical degree. Pravara Rural University, Loni (M.H.) conferred an MBBS degree and a year of rotational internship on him in May 2012.  He graduated from the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Swami Rama University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, with a doctor of medicine in interventional Radio diagnostics in August 2017. With a strong educational background, Dr. Tushar Semwal proves to be the best knowledge resource for Semwal Diagnostics which leads as a quality Radiology Center. 

Professional Experience

He has been a radiologist consultant at the Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences in Dehradun since November 2019. He served as a radiologist consultant at the Thakarey municipal hospital in Mumbai from March to November 2019. He worked as a radiology consultant at Suburban Diagnostics in Mumbai from January to November.

In March, he worked at the Lilavati Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai as a clinical associate. From October 2017 until March 2018, he worked as a senior resident at Himalayan Hospital in Dehradun. He also served as a junior resident in Mumbai in 2013 at Saifee Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, and Jaslok Hospital.

One of the Best radiologists in Dehradun, Dr. Tushar Semwal has created a professional Radiography Center, Semwal Diagnostics, that deliver excellent and quality services at a convenient location in Dehradun. Not only this at Semwal Diagnostic your health is in the hands of highly qualified professionals and a highly trained staff which ensure maximum accuracy in the conducted tests

Awards and Honors

Dr. Tushar Semwal is awarded the following honors for his exemplary work and contributions to the field of medicine:

  1. Mr. Tushar was vice president of the Medical Students Association of India in 2014. (MSAI).
  2. He was elected to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations’ standing committee in 2013. (IFMSA) He represented India at the IFMSA conference in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., in 2013 and the Asian Medical Student Association in Singapore in 2012.
  3. He was honored in 2013 by the Uttarakhand government, the Indian Medical Association, and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) for his work during the Uttarakhand floods.
  4. Mr. Tushar was also a prominent member of the IFMSA conference hosting committee in 2012, which was hosted at the Renaissance Convention Center in Mumbai.

Why Choose Semwal Diagnostic?

Semwal Diagnostics headed by the Best Radiologist in Dehradun is committed to providing the most accurate and thorough diagnosis possible. Semwal Diagnostics is able to give the “best advance care” because of its core values of excellence, reliability, punctuality, novelty, safety, correctness, and sincerity. The attitude of “patients’ health and wellness first” is strictly adhered to.

The Best Radiologist in Dehradun and his team of professionals run one of the top diagnostics centers in Dehradun. Semwal Diagnostics maintains the position as the Top Radiologist in Dehradun thanks to our highly qualified team of specialists, high-end technology, affordable pricing, and an enthusiastic and motivated workforce. With Semwal Diagnostics you can be assured that your health and safety are in the best hands.

Headed by the Best Radiologist in Dehradun, Semwal Diagnostics is the perfect destination to get precise and accurate test results. Book an appointment now or Visit Semwal Diagnostics and take care of the most important asset: your health and take timely decisions for your betterment so that you can lead a healthy and happy life.

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