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Best center for ECG test in Dehradun | Semwal Diagnostics

Know more about the best center for ECG test in Dehradun 

Currently, with the increasing risk of heart disease, it became a need to do ECG tests. This article provides information on the best ECG test in Dehradun. According to the reports, there are around 30 million heart patients in India. And to determine the best results these patients are recommended to do an ECG test. At Semwal Diagnostics,  We consistently emphasize the necessity of preventive testing and check-ups for the protection of the health of your heart. 

What is ECG? 

Our hearts have an electrical mechanism that causes them to contract and circulate blood throughout the body. An ECG, often known as an electrocardiogram, is a test that measures the electrical activity of your heart. An ECG portrays the activity of the heart as line tracings on paper. The spikes and dips are referred to as waves.

How ECG is done

An ECG (Electrocardiogram) test is a safe test. During an ECG, You will be asked to sit or lay down on a table or bed. Some regions of your chest, arms, and legs will be cleansed and shaved to provide a smooth, clean surface for the electrodes to attach to. The skin on your arms, legs, and chest is then pierced with several electrodes. There is no chance of an electric shock because no electricity flows through the gadget to your body. When placed on your chest, they may feel cool. These are linked to a machine that records the action of your heart on paper. During the exam, you would have to lie still and breathe frequently. You should not speak during the examination. You may be requested to hold your breath as well.

Why ECG is done? 

There are many reasons why an ECG may be done. For example, it can help to diagnose heart conditions, check for signs of a heart attack, or to monitor heart function during and after surgery. It can also be used to screen for heart problems in people who are at high risks, such as those with a family history of heart disease. Get your ECG done at the best center for ECG test in Dehradun. An EKG will assist your doctor in determining the source of your symptoms as well as the sort of treatment that may be required. Your doctor may also order an ECG to test for early signs of heart disease if you’re 50 or above age, or if you have a family record of heart disease. 

How much ECG test cost? 

The cost of an ECG test in Dehradun varies among different diagnostic centers. While the average cost of having an ECG ranges from around 120-400 rupees in India. At Semwal Diagnostics we provide ECG tests in Dehradun at an affordable cost with the best and latest equipment for the comfort of our clients. We are one of the best ECG test center in Dehradun. 

How often ECG should be done? 

The regularity of the ECG test depends on your heart condition, if you are a person having heart problems then you might require ECG tests regularly as compared to those not having heart problems, but it doesn’t mean that having no problems you won’t require an ECG. ECGs are used to diagnose and find out various heart and other problems. 

An EKG may show modest and nonspecific abnormalities that aren’t caused by cardiac disease, but they may nonetheless cause the patient to be concerned and request unnecessary procedures.

Patients that require regular EKGs are typically individuals who have:

• Heart disease 

• An enlarged heart 

• Any risk factors for heart disease or an enlarged heart (such as high blood pressure) 

• Any symptoms that may indicate possible heart disease (like chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, or heavy heartbeats)

You might also need an ECG to check for certain conditions or occupational needs, but in these cases, you won’t need regular ECGs and will most likely only need one.

ECG test in Dehradun 

With the increased heart risks, your doctor may recommend you to do an ECG test as a precaution and prevention from various heart diseases. Get your test done with the best centers for ECG test in Dehradun at Semwal diagnostics. Semwal Diagnostics is renowned as the best center for ECG test in Dehradun. We do various tests to understand and diagnose diseases, injuries, and heart abnormalities. There is no pain observed during an ECG test, thus it is a painless test done to examine the electrical activity of your heart. An electrical signal passes from the top to the bottom of your heart to commence each beating. Heart problems typically alter the electrical activity of your heart. If you are experiencing symptoms or signs of a heart issue, your doctor may recommend an ECG.  

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