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Find the Best Radiologist in Dehradun at Semwal Diagnostics 

According to qualifications, knowledge, and experience, Dr. Tushar Ramprakash Semwal is the Best radiologist in Dehradun. In 2019, he started working as a radiology consultant at Synergy Institute of Medical Science, Dehradun. Before that, he has 6 years of professional experience in famous Hospitals in Mumbai. Dr. Tushar has done his MBBS from the Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences. He has won many awards over the years and represented India internationally. As Dr.Tuhsar is a great speaker, he has given speeches at conferences.

With this knowledge and expertise, he is giving the best services possible in Dehradun. 

Semwal Diagnostics Radiologist in Dehradun provides the following services:


It is an imaging method that uses sound waves to produce images of your internal body parts, like the kidney, liver, uterus even your blood vessels. They have ultrasound tests for Level 2 Scan, Color Doppler, FNAC, 5D Ultrasound Scan, and USG. They are also famous for Pregnancy Ultrasounds in Dehradun. This test is very helpful for doctors to analyze the issue and operate according to that. Being the best radiologist in Dehradun, they have a fair cost of Ultrasound in Dehradun.


An ECG is a harmless test that looks at your heart’s electrical activity. Your heart activity indicates the problem in your body. ECG (electrocardiogram) in which the electrodes are connected to the skin of the chest, arms, and legs. These electric wires catch the condition or activity of your heart to decide the results. It is a painless activity.


Semwal Diagnostics is one of the top CT-Scan centers in Dehradun. A CT scan takes a series of pictures from different angles with a machine. CT Scan is the faster method and uses ionizing radiation to get the pictures. The test is cost-effective and gives accurate results. We are one of the top CT-Scan Centers in Dehradun

Ionizing radiation is a particular kind of radiation with sufficient energy to alter DNA and raise a person’s lifetime risk of developing cancer.


X-ray’s electromagnetic waves give you images of your body, particularly bones, to check whether it is a fracture or a ligament injury. The test shows quicker results. The prices for this test are affordable. sometimes, external radiation can cause various health risks so it becomes necessary to find the perfect imaging center. Semwal Diagnostics is the cost-effective radiologist in Dehradun. 

OPG (Dental X-ray)

Your dentist can recommend you OPG if that is necessary for your dental treatment. OPG is not a regular X-ray, You get a panoramic X-ray of the lower face which shows the teeth and upper and lower jaw with every minute detail. The process of getting an OPG is very easy and comforting, you just have to sit still while getting the pictures. 


Elastography is done to check the stiffness of the liver. The process is done using a device named Fibroscan. The device is placed on your abdomen, where the liver is. The sound waves used during the test pass through your liver and the vibrations create an image. Stiffness is a sign of Fibrosis, the level of the fibrosis decides the danger. The higher the number, the more dangerous it is. We try to make this process easy and comforting to our patients. 

Why are we #1 in Dehradun?

Semwal Diagnostics has set its mark in this field, by being the best in providing its services. The clinic has high-tech machinery, and the doctors and technicians are experienced and skilled. The quality of services and amenities they provide, makes people trust them. 1,000+ patients have been diagnosed by Semwal. We can guarantee you, that our costs are affordable compared to any other diagnostics center in Dehradun. The vision Semwal is following is, to give a comforting experience to patients at affordable prices. 

Semwal Diagnostics is regarded as the top clinic in Dehradun. The best imaging and radiologist in Dehradun; patients receive the highest level of treatment. To obtain precise findings, cutting-edge machinery is required. In addition to elastography testing, we also perform digital X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, OPG, and Color Doppler imaging.

All of these tests have reasonable costs and reliable outcomes. Our mission is to increase public awareness of the clinic and the importance of scheduling these tests because they help to properly diagnose and treat the disease. The personnel is helpful and pleasant as they guide you through this medical testing procedure. In addition to our other services, we now offer a pick-up and drop-off service.

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