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Do you know the Price of Ultrasound Scan?

Want to know Price of Ultrasound Scan in Dehradun

While healthcare developments have made medical tests in India such as Ultrasound Scans and Blood Tests available at far higher prices, long gone are the days when everyone knows what a fair price is for the clinic to be charging them, and are thus better equipped to not be fleeced. 

We hope to bridge this by providing clarity on Price of ultrasound scans, their and the need for their use. In both human and veterinary medicine, ultrasound imaging — often referred to as ultrasonography or sonography — evaluates internal organs, including the heart, abdomen, pelvis, muscles, tendons and joints. This is a safe, non-invasive approach that does not require radiation, and utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce images.

Price of Ultrasound Scans

Everyone is familiar with an ultrasound for detecting pregnancy, but they are also used to find kidney stones, gallstones, tumors, and more. It tracks the health of the baby and examines the health of organs, looking for markers of genetic disorders and defects. 

At our own Semwal Diagnostics clinic, the following different ultrasound procedures performed here: 

We at Semwal Diagnostics have the following ultrasound procedures as Pregnancy Ultrasound, Color Doppler, Ultrasound Level 2 Scan, FNAC, and 5D Ultrasound Scan. You must have understood pregnancy ultrasound so let us know the rest. 

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy tests fetal development and health

  • Color Doppler:

 Provided an image of blood flow to evaluate growth in the third trimester. Ultrasound Level 2 Scan (Fetal organ, brain, cord, gender)

  • FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology):

Used to diagnose malignant neoplasms, suspicious tumors, usually in cases of cancer. 

  • 5D Ultrasound Scan

Produces a lifelike and very detailed image in contrast with standard ultrasound scans using updated technology of the fetus

Sonography Procedure:

It is a simple, non-invasive procedure. Patients are in a hospital gown on a hospital bed. The technician applies gel to the area under study and makes images with a transducer. It is a process that takes less than 30 min with an interpretation and report of images generated in less than 24h. They may have to be starved and/or take a drink of water before the appropriate area was examined.


Wear loose clothing and avoid jewelry to allow easy access to the examined area. Sonography also aids in biopsies and ensuring accurate injections into joints and tissues. It’s a preferred method during pregnancy due to its safety.

Price of Ultrasound Scan:

Price of Ultrasound Scans can vary from place to place. You should be aware of the cost of ultrasound Scan and ultrasound tests. If you don’t know, here we are to give you an idea of the cost of ultrasound scan for pregnancy. In general the price of ultrasound scan can range from 200 INR to 2000 INR depending on what type of ultrasound you wish to do. As per the requirement, the amount will be priced. 

When compared to the rest of the metropolitan cities of India, the price of an ultrasound scan in Dehradun is much more affordable than the rest. In Dehradun, the starting price of ultrasound scan is about 1200 INR which goes till 2600 INR. Roughly the average price will come between 1625 INR. It certainly means that the price of ultrasound scan depends on the geographical area too. As the standard cost of living also matters a lot while taking into consideration whether a common man can afford the costing or not. 

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  1. How much is an ultrasound scan?

Depends on what type of ultrasound you want to carry out. For instance, for instance the color doppler test market price is above 3500 INR whereas if you go for Ultrasound Level 2 then the price comes around 1620 INR.

  1. Which is cheaper: ultrasound or CT scan?

CT Scan is more costly than sonography.   

  1. Does ultrasound need an empty stomach?

If you are going for abdominal ultrasound then you are supposed to have fast for about 8-12 hours. In addition, drink plenty of water too for best results. 

  1. Are ultrasound scans painful?

No. Ultrasound Scans are completely harmless. 

  1. Can I eat before the ultrasound?

As said before, it depends on what type of ultrasound you are advised by the doctor. 

  1. How many ultrasounds is normal?

Typically, for a pregnant woman two ultrasounds is normal. 

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