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Do you know the Price of Ultrasound Scan?

Want to know Price of Ultrasound Scan in Dehradun price if ultrasound

Due to the advancement in the field of healthcare, the prices are skyrocketing making a hole in your pocket, be it the price of an Ultrasound Scan or even a simple Blood Test in India. Because of this people are uninsured about the right price for their tests and are being looted by the clinics by charging them a hefty amount in exchange for the low-grade service. 

Let us break the chain of unawareness by giving you the right amount of knowledge. So let us commence by knowing the basic know-how about ultrasound, then the price of ultrasound scan, and finally what it actually serves. Many applications call for the usage of ultrasound. In order to find and gauge items and distances, ultrasonic instruments are utilized. Ultrasound imaging, or sonography, is utilized in both human and veterinary medicine. 

During nondestructive testing, ultrasound is utilized to find hidden faults in products and structures. It is a painless, secure technique for your doctor to see your internal organs. Below, we’ve provided details in depth.

What ultrasound can detect?

Although this test is frequently used to detect pregnancy, it has a number of other applications. The purpose of an ultrasound or sonography test is typically to examine the health of internal organs such as the heart, abdomen, pelvis, muscles, tendons, and joints of the body. Major applications of ultrasound include the scanning of vital organs like the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, etc. Additionally, it can be used to determine the causes of abdominal pain, diagnose kidney stones, gallstones, and kidney blockages, and look for tumors in an organ.

However, ultrasound or sonography tests are most frequently carried out during pregnancies. The due date, the presence of twins, the fetus’s growth and position, the baby’s heartbeat, and the fetus’s blood flow are all determined by this test. Additionally, ultrasound tests the fetus for genetic disorders, birth defects, etc. It has been established that sonography is safe for both the mother and child because it creates images using high-frequency sound waves rather than radiation. It also aids in screening for cancer, IUDs, ectopic pregnancies, and other conditions, such as fertility problems.

We at Semwal Diagnostics have the following ultrasound procedures as Pregnancy Ultrasound, Color Doppler, Ultrasound Level 2 Scan, FNAC, and 5D Ultrasound Scan. You must have understood pregnancy ultrasound so let us know the rest. 

  • Color Doppler

To illustrate blood flow direction, a computer converts sound waves into various colors for the identification of the growth scale in the third semester during pregnancy. 

  • Ultrasound Level 2 Scan

Your doctor will look at your unborn child’s organs, brain, umbilical cord, gender, and other things during the level II ultrasound.

  • FNAC

To accurately diagnose cancer patients’ unclear tumors, fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is frequently used in oncology.

  • 5D Ultrasound Scan

With the aid of the innovative 5D technology, which some refer to as having a flesh-tone appearance, you can see your baby in realistic detail.

Sonography Procedure:

The sonography test is performed in a relatively non-invasive and simple manner. The patient will first be asked to get dressed in a hospital gown and to lie down on the flat surface of the hospital bed. A jelly-like gel will be applied to the area of the body that will be imaged by an ultrasound or sonography technician. The area of the skin where the gel has been applied is passed over by a tiny transducer. Sound waves can travel more effectively thanks to the jelly. You can see the fetus, heart, liver, or any other body part that is being examined on a monitor thanks to images produced by sonography or ultrasound.

The most diagnostically useful images are saved and then interpreted. Following a thorough cleaning of the gel, the patient can resume regular daily activities. Reports are typically available within 24 hours of the procedure, which takes less than 30 minutes.

Before the sonography test, it might be necessary to take the appropriate actions and safeguards depending on the area of the body that will be examined. If the abdominal region is being examined during the ultrasound sonography test, the doctor may advise you to fast for 8–12 hours prior to the procedure. If a trans-abdominal ultrasound is planned, drinking a lot of water 45–1 hour prior to the test is advised. The sonogram will be able to clearly show all the abdominal and pelvic organs if the bladder is full. The bladder must be empty for transvaginal ultrasound, though.


It is advised to wear loose-fitting clothing and to avoid wearing any jewelry that could interfere with the test. This will allow for unrestricted access to the area being examined. Sonography is helpful for biopsies and other interventional medical procedures in addition to being used for diagnostic purposes. Additionally, it helps ensure that injections into joints and tissues are administered properly.

Ultrasound is a preferred method for assessing fetus development during pregnancy because it carries few risks. The doctor will interpret and discuss the results after getting them, or he or she will make time to talk further.

Price of Ultrasound Scan:

Price of Ultrasound Scans can vary from place to place. You should be aware of the cost of ultrasound tests and ultrasound scans. If you don’t know, here we are to give you an idea of the price of ultrasound scan. In general the price of ultrasound scan can range from 200 INR to 2000 INR depending on what type of ultrasound you wish to do. As per the requirement, the amount will be priced. 

When compared to the rest of the metropolitan cities of India, the price of an ultrasound scan in dehradun is much more affordable than the rest. In Dehradun, the starting price of ultrasound scan is about 1200 INR which goes till 2600 INR. Roughly the average price will come between 1625 INR. It certainly means that the price of ultrasound scan depends on the geographical area too. As the standard cost of living also matters a lot while taking into consideration whether a common man can afford the costing or not. 

Thus, We at have the following ultrasound procedures such as Pregnancy Ultrasound, Color Doppler, Ultrasound Level 2 Scan, FNAC and 5D Ultrasound Scan. We give an affordable price for an ultrasound scan that you might be looking for. 

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  1. How much is an ultrasound scan?

Depends on what type of ultrasound you want to carry out. For instance, for instance the color doppler test market price is above 3500 INR whereas if you go for Ultrasound Level 2 then the price comes around 1620 INR.

  1. Which is cheaper: ultrasound or CT scan?

CT Scan is more costly than sonography.   

  1. Does ultrasound need an empty stomach?

If you are going for abdominal ultrasound then you are supposed to have fast for about 8-12 hours. In addition, drink plenty of water too for best results. 

  1. Are ultrasound scans painful?

No. Ultrasound Scans are completely harmless. 

  1. Can I eat before the ultrasound?

As said before, it depends on what type of ultrasound you are advised by the doctor. 

  1. How many ultrasounds is normal?

Typically, for a pregnant woman two ultrasounds is normal. 

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