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Discover Advanced OPG Dental X-Ray

What is opg dental x-ray?

Do you know what is OPG dental x-ray? OPG is a dental x-ray where you’ll get a wider view of your jaw! This can be done normally also, like once a year or it can be suggested by your doctor. 

Many people are scared to go to the dentist, but sometimes you don’t have an option. Even if you take care of your teeth regularly, there can be dental problems which you have to take treatment for. But as technology is changing, you don’t even feel the pain while getting the treatment. Anything and everything is possible in the medical industry. New tech machines inspect your jaw, your gums, and teeth and it helps the dentist to solve your problem within a short period. Plus point is, it is painless, less time-consuming & shows 100% results. 

Let us answer all your doubts in this article.   

OPG Dental X - Ray

How is OPG x-ray done?

You have to rest your chin in front of the x-ray machine and by keeping your head still you are asked to bite softly the mouthpiece in front of you. The energy is passed on to your mouth through that machine and it scans your mouth. Through this, you’ll get an idea of what exactly is wrong with your dental health. Sometimes the problem is not seen but can be detected through OPG testing. 

The process takes max 3-4 mins to get complete. It is painless and shows accurate results. opg dental x-ray procedure is extremely simple to follow and you’ll be free of any pain then and in the future. It is the best    

What is opg x-ray cost ? 

The OPG dental x-ray cost in India starts from 300/- only and it can go up to 500/- to 1000/- depending upon the city and the amenities the dental clinic is providing you. 

At minimal rates, you get accurate results & by this, you can avoid any future dental problems. Precaution is better than cure!

What is Opg dental x-ray machine ?

A machine is a crucial tool used to diagnose dental problems. It gives a quick panoramic view of your mouth within and around the person’s jaw. The Machine is used during regular dental checkup sessions. It is all safe and sound for every age group. By doing this test, within minutes you can tell how your dental health is. 

Why are dental x rays necessary?

Sometimes the bad- condition of your teeth or of the overall mouth is not seen bare-eyed. But when the machine scans your mouth & jaws then that picture shows where exactly the problem lies. An OPG x-ray helps detect teeth cavities, fractures, jaw dislocation, infection, tumors, sinuses, tooth impaction, etc.

Have your oral health on track and the good doctor suggests having an OPG test once a year. It shows the position of your teeth, size of the teeth, damaged gums & tooth decay. Taking care of your dental health is necessary & that is why dental X-rays are necessary.  

What does an Opg x-ray show?

OPG x-ray is basically the picture view, where you get a wide view of your teeth and overall jaw. It gets the picture of your upper and lower jaw. The non-painable infections are detected by doing the OPG test. What is the position of your teeth & the following things are shown:-

  • oral infections & abscesses.
  • gum disease.
  • oral fractures.
  • dislocated jaws & other jaw issues.
  • hidden decay & cavities.
  • tumors, cysts, and other disorders.
  • abnormal tooth development.
  • impacted teeth & wisdom teeth development.

Types of dental X-rays –

Dental X-rays come in two primary varieties: intraoral (when the X-ray film is placed inside the mouth) and extraoral (the X-ray film is outside the mouth). The most typical kind of X-rays are intraoral ones. 

Then there are other types of X-rays given too, which are for certain parts of the teeth.

  • Bitewing X-Ray.
  • Periapical X-Ray.
  • Occlusal X-Ray.
  • Panoramic X-Ray.
  • Cephalometric Projection.
  • Cone Beam X-ray.

Is it dangerous to have dental x-rays?

It is not at all dangerous to have dental rays. The OPG dental X-rays are safe to conduct and show accurate results. The major reason to have dental x-rays is, it shows infections and dental problems which are yet to arise. It helps dentists to take quick decisions about your dental health & progress. The radiation is used while 

Where can I get a dental x-ray?

Sometimes your nearest dentist can have an OPG dental x-ray machine, but if you go to a Diagnostics center then you’ll definitely get the OPG dental x-ray. In the diagnostics center, you’ll have the best technician who can work for your OPG test. 

Semwal Dianostics is a diagnostic center in Dehradun. We at Semwal serve many services which include ultrasound, opg, CT- scans, ECG & x-ray. The quality services are given here by prioritizing the patients. We also have a pick-up & drop service for patients. Pick up & drop service for people living in Dehradun. The cost of the services is reasonable. You can check our website for more details & you can take an appointment from our website only. 

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