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X-ray Imaging at Semwal Diagnostics Centre

X-rays are referred to as those operating through invisible electromagnetic energy beams producing images of internal tissues, bones, and organs on film. X-rays stand as a domicile for producing images of internal injuries, they produce sound and a clear image of the specified part of the body. 

External radiation is used to produce X-rays, for its diagnostics. The doctors get a piece of sound information about a part injury or fracture through X-rays. There are several alternatives available in place of X-rays. CT scans and MRI scans take up as the health care systems revolutionized. 

X-rays are the oldest used form of medical imaging, critically used to look for injury or infection and to locate foreign objects in soft tissue. X-rays are even using an iodine-based contrast material or else barium to increase the visibility of specific organs, blood vessels, or bones. 

Discovered by W.C. Röntgen In 1895, X-rays produced a negative image of the body parts for diagnostic purposes. 

What generally is an X-ray?

X-ray is an imaging process for medical diagnostics, the body is passed through different types of X-ray beams. The soft tissues like blood, skin, fat, and muscle allow the beam to pass through them and appear dark gray on the film. While something denser than soft tissues (such as Bone, or Tumor) appears as white on the film. A cut in the bone can be seen as a black line on a white bone. 

Proper care should be taken while pregnant, Radiations may lead to birth defects, consult your doctor if you are pregnant. 


How are X-rays performed?

Several medical facilities may have their own protocols regarding X-ray scans. Generally, the following steps are performed while preparing for an X-ray. 

  1.  A medical gown will be given to the patient, after removing the dress if necessary. Any ornament or jewelry if worn should be removed as it might interfere with the exposure of the body area. 
  1. The patient is then positioned on the X-ray table, carefully positioning the part that is to be X-rayed. The part to be scanned is placed in between the X-ray machine and a cassette containing the films or an image plate. Sometimes, examinations are performed in standing or sitting positions too depending on the injury or fracture.  
  1. The parts not to be imaged are covered with a shield to protect them from exposing them to X-rays. 
  1. The area to be imaged is aimed at by an X-ray beam. The patient is said to be still as it might make the image blurred. The technologist steps behind a protective wall while the image is being taken. 
  1. Depending on a body part, X-rays can be taken from various angles. For example, while having a chest X-ray front and side angles are imaged. 

X Rays are performed over several body parts some of them are 

  1. Abdominal X-rays, 
  2. Chest X-rays, 
  3. Bone X-rays, 
  4. Lower & Upper GI X-rays, 
  5. Pediatric X-rays,
  6. Panoramic dental X-rays, and many more. 

All these X-rays are determined to diagnose the specific body part. Your diagnose master will recommend you scan a particular body part to diagnose the injury.  

Are X-rays Safe?

Exposure to radiation would tend to increase the worries among the patients. However, while having an X-ray, the specified part will only be exposed to radiation for a fraction of a second.

Sometimes, being exposed to X-rays can increase the risk of causing cancer many years or decades after. But the risk is thought to be very small.

The benefits and consequences of X-rays will be said before prescribing an X-ray. Consult your diagnose or doctor if you have any queries regarding the X-rays. 

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