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Looking for a Fetal Echo Test Price? You’re in a right place

In 2024, Are you looking for a Fetal echo Test? If so, this blog will help you learn all you need to know about Fetal echo scans and how they work. We will also be discussing the Fetal echo test price and fetal echo test in which week is safe? If you’re looking for a fetal echo test price near me, this blog would be helpful to you.

What exactly is a Fetal Echo Scan Report

Every mother wants to be certain about her baby’s health, and the fetal echo test has been contributing to reducing that concern. A Fetal Echo Test is one of the most well-known and thus widely available services in India. It is also known as ‘Echocardiography’ and is often used to monitor the health of the baby. The main function of the 2D fetal test scan report is to deliver an image of the fetus inside the mother and to show the growth of the baby’s head, heart, spine, and other well-working organs.

A question asked by frequently expected mothers is fetal echo test in which week is safe? It is somewhat similar to an ultrasound performed on a pregnant woman between 18 to 25 weeks of her pregnancy and is carried out safely. It is performed by professional health care providers who see into the blood flow through the fetus’s heart to see any abnormalities in the baby’s heart or blood. In India, the majority of the population has access to affordable fetal echo tests.


When do you need a 2D Fetal Echo scan?

A popped-up question in the minds of expecting mothers: is fetal echo necessary? Expecting mothers are recommended a Fetal Echo test Report if the family has a history of heart disease or could be in any genetic form. Any form of risk to the health of the child such as the intake of drugs by the mother could hamper the growing stage of the fetus.

If the doctor suspects or predicts that the developing fetus may be in danger of having an abnormality or condition, a fetal echo scan is advised a fetal echo test 22 weeks scan to eliminate any last-minute uncertainty. So, if you’re a mother with a medical condition like Type 1 Diabetes, lupus, or epilepsy, you should see your medical healthcare provider to clear up any concerns concerning the baby.

A fetal echo test in pregnancy takes between half an hour to an hour in between. We understand that having a scan may make the mother nervous, but doctors only want to ensure that the baby is healthy and well. Once the doctors diagnose any anomaly or condition then the results from the Fetal Echo Test could help doctors plan a correctional surgery for the fetus, hence leading to a healthy and safe pregnancy.

How is the Fetal Echo done?

A fetal echo scan report is an easy- ongoing procedure done by a professional pediatrician and It doesn’t take any preparation; all you have to do is lie on the scan table, and you don’t even have to change your clothes. A gel, similar to an ultrasound, would be applied to your belly.

The doctor or whoever is performing the fetal echo scan on you will use an electronic device, A transducer, which is used to send out waves over the mother’s belly, is used. and begin moving it to get the most accurate images of the fetus that exhibit clarity and the desired results. After the images are captured, the gel is wiped off the belly and you’re ready to go.

The fetal echo test is performed by some OB-GYNs. However, the test is normally performed by a skilled ultrasound technician or ultrasonographer. The fetal echo test price is not too high either, the results will be reviewed by a cardiologist who specializes in pediatric medicine and then your doctor would plan out alternatives to eliminate any anomalies or discrepancies.

Is a Fetal Echo Scan safe for the baby? 

An echo fetal test, like an ultrasound, is completely safe for both the mother and the baby. The fetal echo test has no possible risks; however, failing to take the test when suggested or advised by your doctor may be damaging or put the fetus at risk. It is a safe-sounding test performed to check or ensure any potential anomalies or disorders that could harm the fetus inside the womb. 

Is Fetal Echo Test Price Expensive or Affordable?

The debate could go on for years and yet still the answers would be different. There are cities where the Fetal Echo test price is relatively lower as compared to big metro cities. A Fetal Echo test price normally ranges to an average value of 1500-2500 INR in cities with affordable access to a 2D Fetal Scan report.

Cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore which are considered metro cities with better access to hospitality services and industry growth rates offer fetal echo scan reports at a range of 2500-5000 INR respectively. A Fetal echo test price is relatively lesser in other non-metropolitan cities and is also lower in Dehradun with an approximate average cost between 1500-1700.

 Some advantages of Fetal Echo scan report are:- 

  1. Fetal echo test is available in India and is accessible to every household. 
  2. It is relatively cheaper in non-metropolitan cities.
  3. An absolutely safe choice for both the health of the baby and the mother. 
  4. Beforehand preparations are not required before taking the Fetal Echo test scan
  5. A significant advancement in testing for anomalies in the fetus, thereby helping in the elimination of any abnormalities.
  6. Helps the doctors to plan treatments for the fetus. 

Fetal echo test price is lesser in non-metropolitan cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the cost of a fetal echo test?

A Fetal Echo scan report ranges from an average of 1500-3000 in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

2. What is the fetal echo test for pregnancy?

A Fetal Echo test for pregnancy is a method of tracking and capturing the growth of the fetus in the mother’s body. It is used to look for any anomalies or disorders. 

3. Is a Fetal echo test necessary during pregnancy?

A Fetal Echo test is recommended if you have a genetic link or a history of heart illness that could pose a risk to the fetus in any way.

4. Who needs a fetal echo test?

The fetal echo scan report is suggested for mothers with medical conditions such as Rubella, Type 1 Diabetes, and Lupus to assure the intended results. It is recommended for mothers who have a history of substance abuse or who have consumed alcohol during their pregnancy.

5. What are the risk factors for fetal echo tests?

The risk factors to undergo a fetal echo scan are a genetic history of heart disease and the mother’s medical condition. Another factor could be if the mother of the unborn child has ever consumed medication or drugs that could cause heart defects. 

6. Is the fetal echo test safe for the baby? 

The Fetal Echo scan report is completely safe for both the fetus and the mother. There are no potential risks to the baby while performing this test.

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